Also keep in mind that certain items are like any other products  on the market today. The phrase "You get what you pay for" holds true for many items.  Better to spend a little extra on something that you are happy with, and will last, rather than buying it over again.

Uniform and Equipment Requirements

Grey Cover for Grey Rifles

by Chris Collingwood

Confederate skirmishers of the 19th Virginia Volunteers take cover behind a farmhouse during the early stages of the war, 1861.

Things to Ponder before Joining

  • To fall into the battle line (fire a musket), you must be 16 years old and have a parent/guardians authorization. Younger ages can be considered for other various billets (i.e. musician, flag bearer) with prior parent/guardian authorization. Spouses are full members under our family clause and have full voting rights. (For more information on membership see our "Contact Page").

  • You should be in relatively good physical condition. Reenacting can be a strenuous activity; wearing woolen uniforms in 85+ temperatures, loaded down with about 10 pounds of equipment, and carrying a      9 pound musket a good part of the day can be very exhausting.

  • Although the initial expense can be substantial, it can be gradual over a period of time, concentrating on the basic list (next page).  Recruits should be able to obtain all of your minimum uniform/equipment by the time your second season begins. This will be approximately $1,000.00 more or less, depending on deals you can find.  Keep in mind once you've passed this hurdle, reenacting is relatively an inexpensive hobby. (See comments in next section)

  • Dependable transportation. Although we try and car pool as often as we can to reduce costs, there may be times when you have only yourself to depend on to get to an event.

  • Our unit has in place a one year probationary period. This will give the members of the unit and yourself time to get to know one another. This will include a three event participation minimum in your first year (from the time you join), at the end of which you should be able to demonstrate the basic school of the soldier and safety rules while in the field.

  • There are yearly dues, these are minimal but necessary.


       Being a Civil War reenactment unit, the 19th Virginia, Co C (or any other unit for that matter) has certain uniform and equipment regulations. At first you will need to purchase the basic requirements.

    To maintain unit appearance to the closest degree of authenticity (without being a stitch counter),  your initial uniform purchase should   reflect those pictured on the Uniform/Equipment page.  Particularly, the Frockcoat, Kepi, and Trousers. This is for our "early war" unit impression. As members become more "seasoned" you may want to purchase other pieces for late war impressions.  Keep in mind new members are not required to have all of the basics until into their second season.  The 19th Virginia, Co C, has a policy of donating "Loaner" items to "new joins" until they are able to complete their basic inventory.

   If you have never reenacted before, we will do all we can to help you get what you need. We will help you get the correct items at the most affordable prices. 

   It is highly recommended that new recruits talk to our members at an event.  It's generally better to have someone with experience show you what to, or what not to, look for. Just because it is sold by a Sutler doesn't necessarily mean that it is "Period" accurate. While some

Sutlers take great pride in their merchandise authenticity, for others, it's just a business.



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