Beginnings to Now

   Our unit was formed by veteran reenactors who shared a common interest in the War for Southern

Independence. Their goals were to have a family-orientated group that emphasizes family values, authenticity, and inspiration that encourages an ongoing participation in historically accurate education, not only for our

members but also the general public. Today's 19th Virginia, Co C is a diverse group of men, women, and children who come from all walks of life. Our members hail from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  We treat all members (veterans and new joins) like family; offering guidance, friendship, and respect.

What We Do

   Our emphasis is placed on the men, women, and children whose loyalties were with the Confederacy. We

attempt to enlighten others as to the history of the Southern Cause and their dedication to the Constitution, Independence, and States Rights.

    We make ourselves available to and/or participate in:             

  • Scout Groups

  • School Programs

  • Private Functions (Weddings, Funerals, etc)

  • Community Events (Memorials, Parades, Remembrances, Dedications, Presentations)

  • Civil War Reenactments

  • Various functions in support of historically related groups, preservation funds, organizations, etc.

How We Do It

   We accomplish the afore mentioned items by participating in and/or providing the following:

  • Battle Demonstrations/Drill

  • Period Music

  • Medical and Civilian Impressions

  • Scheduled Civil War Reenactments


  Modern health practices are utilized while participating in events.  Safety, in the camp and on the field, is the overriding priority at all times.  We practice safety not only as a unit, but it is required on a individual basis as


What We Don't Do

   It is not our intention to glorify or belittle the horrors of war. Our aim is to make clear, by way of period

impressions, a better understanding of the people and their way of life, mindset, and the sacrifices they made during the Civil War.

    We do not discriminate and bigotry is not tolerated. Our membership is open to all individuals who have an

interest in portraying this period in history regardless of gender, race, or national origin. We have documented proof that women fought as soldiers for the Confederacy as well as thousands of African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Chinese, Irish, German, and Canadians to name a few. All that is required is our Code of   Conduct be followed.

What We Have Done

   Our members have visited Washington D.C., the West Point Military Academy, the Virginia Military Institute, Washington-Lee University, Arlington National Cemetery, Mt Vernon, and the Scottsville Museum as a unit, at times in uniform. Our group has participated in parades at Scottsville VA, Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg Remembrance, Richmond Confederate Heritage and numerous local ones.

   We participate in local reenactments and National as well. Some national events have included 1st Manassas Va, Gettysburg PA, Sharpsburg VA, Cedar Creek VA, and Spotsylvania VA.

   Some of our members have also had the opportunity to participate in Box Office films such as "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals".


   Welcome to the 19th Virginia, Co C and Associates Web Page. We hope you find your visit with us informational and interesting. This Web Page has been established to aid those interested in who we are, what we're all about, and, if so inclined, to take part in the fascinating and exciting world of Civil War Reenacting. It is our aspiration to generate more public interest in a portion of our Country's History that as such, had lasting effects that

reverberate even to this day. If in the course of this aspiration we have fun doing it, all the better.  We hold an open invitation to all like minded individuals who are interested in joining us, and offer a hearty welcome into our ranks.



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