Not for fame or reward,
Not for place or for rank,
Not lured by ambition,
Or goaded by necessity,
But in Simple
Obedience to Duty
As they understood it,
These men suffered all,
Sacrificed all,
Dared all--and died.

Welcome to the 19th Virginia Infantry, Company C Website.  Our unit is dedicated to the           preservation of an important part of American History by reenacting, exhibiting, and portraying a Southern Army Infantry Company, and  their Civilian Counterparts, during the period of The War for Southern Independence (American Civil War), 1861-1865.   We are a Family Based Reenactment Unit which not only provides a recreational outlet for the whole family, but inspires camaraderie, and an     ongoing historical education not only for our members but the general public as well. We are based    primarily out of Northwestern Ohio and Eastern Indiana but our membership is open to anyone who shares our common interest in this pivotal time period.

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Confederate Infantryman

of the 19th Virginia

by Chris Collingwood


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